We have all heard the quote,

“Say what you mean and
 mean what you say,"

and this is especially true in relationships.


The Contract: A Defined Approach on Dating/ Relationships helps you take a no “guess work” approach to dating and committed relationships by providing you with a straightforward, honest look at the issues and concerns you face when moving from friends to more.


The Contract demystifies the “He Said/ She Thought” (and vice versa) trap we often find ourselves in when we fail to communicate our relationships wants and needs. It offers practical application and advice on everything from who pays for what during the dating/courtship phase to understanding your role as a friend with benefits.


Inside, you will find a sample written agreement, or contract, to use as a guideline when entering dating (or more serious) relationships to help you better communicate your wants and needs,  meet any relationship expectations,   determine if you and your mate are on the same page,  and to verify that there were no mind games being played.


The Contract takes into consideration all the core beliefs, behaviors and benefits of modern relationships and helps you negotiate all the relevant issues so that you can build the type of relationship you really want.


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